How do I answer questions or choose options?

Some pages in Active Brains have boxes and buttons that you can use to type in words or choose from different options. Here are the main types used in Active Brains:



Questionnaires in Active Brains have buttons to let you choose between different options. When you click a button, it changes colour. You can choose a different option by clicking on a different button.

Radio Buttons

Quiz Questions in Active Brains have 'Radio buttons' that let you pick True or False. You can click on the little circle (not on the word) to select them. When you click on them a little dot appears in the middle.

Check Boxes

Active Brains uses 'Check Boxes' to let you pick (more than one) option(s) from a list. You can click on the little square to put a tick mark in the box, and click it again to remove the tick.

Drop-down menus

Drop-down menus let you pick one option from a long list. Click on the arrow at the right-hand side of the box to open up a list of all your options, then click on the option you want to pick.

Text Boxes

Text boxes let you type something in them. They look different from drop-down menus because they don't have a little arrow on the right-hand side. To type something in to a Text Box, click on the box and start typing.

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