How do I use the Active Brains Homepage?

The Active Brains Homepage is where you can get to the different Active Brains sections. There are six buttons on the Active Brains Homepage: Active Lives, Brain Training, Eat for Health, My Goals, My Progress and My Email Settings.


Active Lives

Active Lives is open as soon as you start Active Brains! Active Lives has three parts to explore: Strength and Balance, Breaks from Sitting and Getting Active.


Brain Training

Brain Training opens up after you have used Active Brains for one month. Brain Training helps you find out more about keeping your brain healthy and has brain training games for you to play.


Eat for Health

Eat for Health opens up when you have used Active Brains for two months. It has information on the best foods for keeping your brain and body healthy, and ideas about how to make good food choices.


My Goals

My Goals shows you all the goals you have set this week. One week after setting your goals, you can click on My Goals to review your goal.


My Progress

My Progress shows you how far you have got in Active Brains.


My Email Settings

My Email Settings lets you change the number of 'hints and tips' reminder emails that you receive from Active Brains.

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