How do I use the Active Brains Welcome Area?

As soon as you have finished your study questionnaires, the Active Brains Welcome Area will be the first page you see whenever you login. This is where you can get to all other parts of the Active Brains programme and see information about the Active Brains study. There will be several buttons you can click on:


Start Active Brains Now

This is where people who are in the 'Active Brains' group can view all the information and activities. Clicking on this will take you through a short introduction to the Active Brains Homepage.


My Support

This is where people who are in the 'Active Brains with Support' group get extra telephone or email support can contact their supporter and find out more about their support.


My Questionnaires

If Active Brains has questionnaires for you to complete, this button will appear in your Welcome Area. It's important to the study that you complete them so we know if (and how) things have changed for you since starting the Active Brains study.


My Account

This is where you can update your account details, including information about you or your email settings.


About Active Brains

This is where you can find out more about the Active Brains study and the people who made it.

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